English Reading Club



A Reading Club (or Book Club) is a reading group, consisting of a number of people who read and talk about books based on a topic or an agreed-upon reading list. The book club choose a specific book for all the members to read and discuss at the same time.

It was created by the English teachers Diana Ketlem (SEE/CEL), Luiz Eduardo Guedes (IFAC), Raquel Ishii (UFAC), and Tamara Afonso (UNIR), in order to help students and community to improve their reading and speaking English skills.

The meetings are set monthly, and it can be held in different places (coffee shops, book shops, bars, restaurants, or wherever the club feels comfortable at) around Rio Branco.

All the books are chosen by the members of the club through a direct election. The club coordinator will send the links in which you can find the books with cheaper prices, both, in paper and electronic (e-books) versions.

Members can confirm their participation 5 days before the meeting, so that the club coordinator can arrange a place having in mind the number of people joining it.

Location information is sent 2 days before the meeting.

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Application Form

This application form will register you on the club email list, to which we send information about the book titles and dates, time, and places for the meetings.